i hate when people take art serious, they spoil the aspect of it being creative or eccentric, just let me take my pictures how i want to, design how i want to, paint how i want to, draw how i want to, and be consumed by my ideas how i want to.

This is my personal blog that displays art works i admire and my personal artworks in the PORTFOLIO page. Enjoy. Stay Golden.


le Tour, Tim George

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Haejung Lee- New works for 2014

My obsession of documentation has became a major influence in my artistic practice. Each work represents a little piece of me that has been archived, otherwise may be forgotten through time. Works can contain fragments of memories, moments within time, or internal struggles that may still be on-going or have passed through life. In order to fully express the complexity of the subject matter, I juxtapose elements within reality in a surrealistic manner. In this way, I create a photographic image that captures the both visual and emotional factor of the subject matter. The works are presented to the viewers in hope of evoking their own life’s details and find beauty in the little details that make up who they are.


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Photography by Zak Cassar

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A message to myself today!

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Artist Name: Keith Cameron


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The waiting is the hardest part, John Register

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