i hate when people take art serious, they spoil the aspect of it being creative or eccentric, just let me take my pictures how i want to, design how i want to, paint how i want to, draw how i want to, and be consumed by my ideas how i want to.

This is my personal blog that displays art works i admire and my personal artworks in the PORTFOLIO page. Enjoy. Stay Golden.
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Jeff Ramirez

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Stills from the Runaway video by Kanye West

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René Gruau

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Making a Splash:

Graphics that Flow

About the book

Fluid forms are analogues of change and endless possibilities. Manifesting a capricious state that take on a life of its own once leaving our hands, mediums as varied as ink, watercolour, paint, acrylic, and digital paintbrush fuel artists and designers with inspirations, building a unique spectrum of work that break loose from sheer control into fun directed chaos during the creative process.   Collating some 150 trendsetting works spanning brand identities, print & packaging, typography, visual arts and artefacts, Making A Splash: Graphics that Flow is an exciting review that uncovers how the multifarious visual wonderment of liquid mediums triumph in marketable design. Divided into five sections, the title zooms in on various platforms, techniques and digital advancement that celebrate the charm of flowing visuals.

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Michael Gillette, Bond Prints.

Artist Michael Gillette has finally released his iconic James Bond book covers as prints which are available in his online store.  They’re a bit expensive, sadly.

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365 Postcards for Ants by Lorraine Loots

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I’m going into my world to take a break from yours.

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Hair-stories. New Works From Artist Nakeya B.


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